Summer Sweet Corn

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Nothing beats the sweet taste of summer fresh corn--don't overcook it ! Many folks make the mistake of cooking their corn too long.  Here's a hint for cooking the sweetest, tastiest, most tender corn in town or in the country.

  • Bring water to a boil
  • Add corn, and return water to boil
  • For small cobs, cook 4 minutes from the time corn starts boiling
  • For large cobs cook 6 to 8 minutes from the time corn starts boiling
  • Serve with fresh butter

Here's a tip for folks who want to cut the kernels off the cob--wedge the small end of the cob into the hole in a bundt cake pan until it stands securely.  Hold the cob at the top and slice off the kernels, working top to bottom.  The kernels will fall directly into the cake pan.  Collect and pack into freezer bags and keep for the winter. (This tip published in Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine, August 2005).