Our bakers arrive every morning at 5am to start their day.  We bake bread daily along with donuts (one of our most popular items, hot from the fryer), muffins, cookies, pies and other treats.  We make most of our products from scratch using traditional Nova Scotia recipes.

Our most popular breads are our white bread and our brown bread, followed by raisin bread.  The brown bread is made using rolled oats and molasses, moist, sweet and perfect with baked beans.  We make a wonderful whole wheat bread which is nutty and delicious hot from the oven.  This bread freezes extremely well.  In response to customer demand, we make a multigrain bread that resembles a European type bread.  We make 10 varieties of cookies including sugar, peanut butter, double chocolate, molasses and popular ginger sparkles.

We also make a variety of deserts,  including pies and crisps, carrot cake, lemon loaf, brownies, and blueberry cake in season.  


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