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Welcome - Wile's Lake Farm Market Newsletter
Summer Is Here! | June 21, 2017

In This Issue:
Market Musing
Bug Watch
Chocolate Cherry Astilbe
Let us Pack you a Picnic
Canada Day Festivities
Strawberries have arrived!


Market Musing

Weather seems to be the topic of conversation this week as it has since we opened for the season in late March. 

I think I worked on the hottest day I ever experienced in all our years of business this past week.  The greenhouses were not fit for man or beast, in fact we encouraged a few of our customers to sit outside and we gathered up the plants for them.  It was almost dangerous for some people!

Then we got a much needed gentle rain that soaked the ground.  We were particularly thankful for a full day of rain.  It was perfect – warm and gentle with no high winds.  We planted a large number of our cut flowers for our summer bouquets last week.  Peter faithfully watered them in the evenings and there was absolutely no wilting.  Mother Nature’s watering is the very best so we are thankful for the rain.

The soil has warmed up, the night temperatures have risen and it is time to get the last of the veggies in the ground.  We have lots of basil, tomato plants and peppers if you are in need of these warm weather crop transplants. 

If your plants have been in the ground for a few weeks they will likely benefit from some fertilizer – chemical or organic – fish, seaweed or composted chicken manure.  All will provide important nutrients to feed the plants – drive the growth of rich leaves and strong roots.

If you are not sure what fertilizers you should be using please ask us.  We will given you advice to make you a successful gardener. 

Remember summer arrives this week and we will have the longest day of the year!  Let’s hope the sun will shine and we will have just the right amount of rain!

Happy gardening



Bug Watch

Flea Beetles

We have had a number of calls regarding bug infestations.  Vegetable gardeners should have a walkabout in their gardens every day to check for signs of bug damage.  Many pests can eat their way through your tender baby plants very quickly.  Signs to look for include holes in leaves, browning of leaves and of course only stems where plants used to be.

 Flea Beetles are tiny, black jumping beetles that chew holes in your leaves.  A healthy and established plant can withstand some flea beetles but the first early leaves are quickly damaged. We sell a Safer soap spray recommended for flea beetles. Companion planting mint in your garden can help repel beetles.

Cucumber beetles

Cucumber beetles seem to be making an early arrival.  These striped beetles like to munch not only cucumbers but squash, pumpkin, melons and even tomatoes.  Using row covers early in the spring can help but we suggest hand picking on a regular basis.  

For more infomation and tips:


Check out the recipe for a garlic pepper spray repellent.


Chocolate Cherry Astilbe

The feathery deep red plumes  and chocolate brown foliage of the Chocolate Cherry Astilbe will add drama to your perennial garden with blooms from July to early Fall.  Plant in part sun to shade.


Let us Pack you a Picnic

Salad choices include: 

  • Creamy Potato
  • Coleslaw
  • Fusilli Pasta with veggies

Sandwich choices include:

  • Market Chicken Salad and greens, 
  • German Deli with Monterey Jack Cheese and roasted garlic mayo,
  • Juniper Ham with Monterey Jack Cheese and roasted mayo,
  • Market Egg salad and greens
  • Hummus with pickled onions, grated carrot and greens

Canada Day Festivities

Join us on Canada Day for our free breakfast from 8:30-11.  The Wileville Fire Department will be flipping pancakes this year and Servant’s Heart will be providing coffee. Donations gratefully received.


Strawberries have arrived!


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