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Welcome - Wile's Lake Farm Market Newsletter
Apple Edition | October 4, 2017

Thanksgiving weekend we are open Friday 8:30-6, Saturday 8:30-7, Sunday 8:30-7 and Monday 8:30-6

In This Issue:
Market Musing
Apple Varieties
Fresh Apple Cider
Fall Decor


Market Musing

Happy Thanksgiving from Elspeth and Peter and the whole Market crew.  Enjoy making memories surrounded by your family and friends.


Apple Varieties

Lots of our customers enjoy discovering new apple varieties. We will be sampling the varieties we carry this weekend.

Cortland – This offspring of MacIntosh is exceptionally juicy and slow to brown when cut. Great for a salad or serving small children who don't eat their fruit quickly!

Ginger Gold – This yellow skinned apple is a cross between Golden Delicious and Albemarle Pippin.  It can be baked in tarts and pies as the slices hold their shape when cooked.  Perfect for fresh eating. The Ginger Gold stays white after cutting so works well in salads and appetizers. Pairs well with aged cheddar. Our Market crew love this variety!

Gravenstein – this is a real multipurpose apples.  Perfect to eat fresh, make pies,  cook with, dry and make applesauce. Works well with savoury dishes.

Honeycrisp – This popular variety is very crisp with a sweet/sharp taste.  Great for fresh eating, salads, cooking and makes a great dried apple slice. Its parentage is still being debated.


McIntosh – Discovered in 1811 growing wild by John MacIntosh in Ontario. Great for fresh eating, cooking and sauce as the delicate flesh breaks down when cooked.  Pair with a firmer apple for pies and crisps. Great for juice and cider.  Try a snack with a slice of old cheddar cheese.

Silken – This medium sized apple has a porcelain yellow skin.  This cross of Honeygold and Sunrise has a short season. A smaller apple makes a great addition to lunch bags or a snack for young children.  Good used in pies and tarts as it hold its shape when baked.

SweeTango™ – This  short seasoned cross between Honeycrisp and Zeestar was developed in 2000.  It is best used for fresh eating and in salads such as Waldorf.  The SweeTango™ is fresh, crunchy and sweet.

Sunrise – This cross between a Golden Delicious and McIntosh has a sweet/sharp flavor.  Great for fresh eating, drying, juicing and sauce.


Fresh Apple Cider

If you are making apple cider at home it is best made with a combination of apples;  add some really ripe pears to add a mellow flavour.  We do have cider available here at the Market. It is made by Masons in Windsor and is contained in a convenient box (looks like a wine box); a year long shelf life before opening!



Fall Decor

Lots of pumpkins and gourds to decorate for the season.


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