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Welcome - Wile's Lake Farm Market Newsletter
All About Bulbs | October 11 2017

In This Issue:
Market Musing
Spring Flowering Bulbs
Planting in Pots
The Stinking Rose - Garlic
Storing Summer Flowering Bulbs


Market Musing

Once the Thanksgiving Weekend is over, we start thinking about what needs to get done before we close for the season.  It’s a few weeks away, but it is the looming landmark for our work schedule. 

We still have lots to do … there is Halloween and a carving party co-sponsored with CJHK, Country 100.7 and Jonathan Crouse.  This is a free event that is always popular, especially as it is a professional development day for local schools so kids can fill their afternoon with fun in the greenhouse carving pumpkins.

In between, we will be finalizing our plant material and seed orders for next year’s growing season in the greenhouses.  There are still lots of pumpkins to be gathered from the fields.  There is inventory to complete, cleaning and scrubbing to get things neat and tidy for closing. 

We will also discuss our closing thoughts on what went well, what needs improvement and what are the opportunities we want to pursue in 2018. 

This week we are thankful for the loyalty and support of our community and the surrounding area for our little business.  Thank you, one and all.



Spring Flowering Bulbs

Tulips and Muscari                    Fritallaria

Oh the sight of the first spring flowers peeking through the snow and brush.  The welcome feeling when the earth comes alive.  NOW is the time to plant spring bulbs to enjoy the color of wonderful  flowers like tulips and daffodils.  We have a great supply and choice right now here at the Market!

  • With planning, your bulb garden can provide colour from mid-March to the end of June.  Draw a diagram of your bulb garden or take a picture when the garden is blooming to make it easier to know where to plant new bulbs in the fall.
  • Check the bloom time when buying bulbs.  Both daffodils and tulips have early, mid-season and late blooming varieties.
  • Add bonemeal when planting bulbs to encourage root growth.
  • Daffodils, frittilaria and allium are deer resistant. 
  • Plant allium with late blooming daffodils.
  • Adding  spring bulbs complements perennial plantings and add interest and colour to grass gardens which are usually not very colorful until late summer and fall.

Crocus mix


Planting in Pots

  • Bulbs can be planted in pots but require a minimum of 15 weeks of cold weather.
  • Choose shorter  varieties of daffodils.
  • Try the ‘lasagne’ method as seen in the image below.  Bulbs can be planted closer together in a pot than in the garden but shouldn’t touch the sides.
  • Pots then must be protected against a freeze/thaw cycle.  They can be buried in the ground or wrapped in insulation or burlap. Planted pots should be protected from extreme cold.
  • Water occasionally during the winter.  As the warm weather approaches in March, place the containers in the sun.
  • Once they have finished blooming the bulbs can be planted again but must complete their growing cycle.   Allow the bulbs to die back and then transfer them to the ground if you want to use the pot or have the bulbs bloom in the garden next year.

'The Lasagne Method'


The Stinking Rose - Garlic


Along with flowers, it is a good time to plant garlic.  We carry the garlic variety Mennonite, known for its large cloves, hardiness and storage qualities. It will provide spring scapes which can be easily substituted for garlic.

We recommend planting seed versus food varieties to ensure large healthy bulbs free of disease.

Plant seed garlic 3-5 weeks before the soil freezes, 6” apart and 1” below the surface of the soil. Click here for more information



Storing Summer Flowering Bulbs

Dahlia and gladiola bulbs can be planted again next summer if stored properly.  They need to be dug up, trimmed,  separated, cleaned, treated with a fungicide and stored in a cool dry spot.

More information



Freezer orders for the Market Kitchen and Bakery should be placed by Monday, October 30.

We close for the season November 4.



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