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Wild About Blueberries | August 15, 2018

In This Issue:
Market Musing
Wild about Blueberries
Fresh Garlic
Peter's Corn


Market Musing

Having an ice cream continues to be one of life’s great pleasures for people in this area.This summer’s sweltering temperatures have found people seeking any way to cool down and ice cream seems to be in that mix of solutions.

A cute story from the ice cream counter……

I scooped ice cream for a family of four the other day; as Mom was paying she told me that her youngest daughter suggested the night before while getting ready for bed, that while on holidays, each family member should plan a day of activities.  Mom thought this was a good idea and asked the youngster what she wanted to do… “I want to go to the Market for an ice cream!”  The little girl got her wish, as the next morning they showed up at 9 am to have ice cream!

I continue to be amazed at how much enjoyment people get from having an ice cream.  Families show up and often take a good long time to select the flavours, then they move outside to sit on the benches or at the tables to indulge in the treat.  It seems like a simple thing however it brings such pleasure.

After 33 years of scooping ice cream I have gotten quite good at guessing what flavour you might enjoy.  My guesses are based on age, gender, and good guessing…..if you’re over 70, you will love grapenut, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, maple walnut, orange pineapple and coffee.   If you’re under 16 you want birthday party, shark bite, moon mist, bubble gum.  Everyone seems to enjoy udderly divine and sea salt caramel.  Women love death by chocolate and mint chocolate chip.  Men love cherry vanilla!  Dogs get vanilla with a dog treat on top.

As we coast toward Labor Day take time to enjoy a family outing for ice cream here at the Market.

I look forward to scooping you your favorite treat!

Happy licking




Wild about Blueberries

We now have Randy Naugler’s wild blueberries in stock.  Just pop them in the freezer to use all winter for baking and smoothies. They are available in 5 and 10 pound boxes.  Give us a call and we will put some aside for you.

The wild blueberry packs a more intense blueberry flavor and has twice the antioxidants of the high bush berry.

We also carry Van Dyk’s  blueberry juice!  The next generation of Van Dyk's have created a bee business and are supplying us with blueberry honey.  This honey is made by the bees pollinating the blueberry fields, so is quite unique and rare. 

With the arrival of wild blueberries come our delicious blueberry cakes made daily and topped with cream cheese icing.

Check out this website for lots of ways to include these summer berries in your recipes https://www.wildblueberries.com/recipes/



Our mums are beginning to break color.  We will have some in the Market for sale beginning next week.


Fresh Garlic

We know people avoid the imported garlic so we are delighted to let you know that Lunenburg County garlic is now available from the Wolters, are greens supplier.  If you haven’t tried roasting garlic yet this simple recipe might tempt you; roasting garlic adds a rich sweetness to recipes.  We add it to mayo as a sandwich spread.

Roasted Garlic

Preheat your oven to 400°F 

Peel and discard the papery outer layers of the whole garlic bulb, leaving intact the skins of the individual cloves of garlic. Cut 1/4 to a 1/2 inch from the top of cloves, exposing the individual cloves of garlic.

 Place the garlic heads in a baking pan, cut side up. Drizzle a couple teaspoons of olive oil over each exposed head, using your fingers to rub the olive oil over all the cut, exposed garlic cloves.

 Cover the pan with aluminum foil.

 Bake at 400°F (205°C) for 30-35 minutes, or until the cloves feel soft when squeezed.


Peter's Corn

Peter’s corn is making its way into the Market.  If you have been waiting for the first super sweet taste of his corn we will have a good supply next week.

Compostable Tray Experiment

We have been asked by the CJFInc. ,  a Nova Scotia producer of compostable packaging, to trial a corn tray to evaluate its use in the retail world.  You may notice we will be selling a limited quantity of husked corn wrapped on trays.  If you purchase any of the packaged corn we would appreciate your feedback.



Grasses put on a beautiful show in beginning late summer.  If you are interested in seeing the different forms and flowers drop in and check out our collection.



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